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Mom’s tips for Selling on Ebay

We sold our first item back in 2002, and have been hooked ever since. “We” as in our household. It started out selling things we did not need anymore, and amazingly enough, other people bought them as fast as we could list them. Of course those were the years we “toyed” with selling. As time went on, buying and reselling became a weekly hobby. Our “dates” out without the kids are “on the hunt” for ebay treasures, and that time together is priceless. For the past 2 years I have taken a serious approach to selling and am able to share a few tips for those just getting hooked on ebay selling!


Start selling items you are familiar with or have laying around the house and don’t make it about the money, but about the experience. There will be a learning curve, so use these items as your trial run. Try some different styles, like Buy It Now, Auctions, and Auctions with Buy it now. You will learn how to post an ad, go through the payment process, and learn about different shipping options that work best for you.


Never start an item lower than you will be happy with and ALWAYS include shipping into your price or add a calculated shipping. So many times I see new sellers put an item for 99 cents with free shipping and end up losing money. Also, it is not good customer service to pull out of the deal because an auction ended below your expectations. You will get negative feedback and no one will buy from you unless they are desperate.


Join some online communities such as Facebook groups. These groups will help you with tips, support, and items to BOLO “Be on the lookout” for.


Learn to give great customer service! Always answer questions with a smile and never patronize or fall trap to someone’s negativity. Make your customer want to come back. This is especially important if you focus on a niche market like children’s clothes or books.

And YES those cute salt and pepper shakers are for sale in my store!

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