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Seasonal Highlights

Looking for a Valentines Day gift?

We have some unique items in the store!

This brown Bag cookie mold is perfect for that baker in your life! They are also used as molds for paper crafts and ceramics!

Here are some ideas for the mug fanatic in your life:

The vintage Enesco His and Hers Perfect Match Mugs!

For that Starbucks collector we have a cute pink heart mug with saucer.

And for the Mid Century Modern Enthusiast, some cool Frog framed needlepoint to jazz up their space.

Thanks for stopping by and check out my store for lots of other one of a kind items!

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Longaberger Pottery. New Additions. Just Listed!

Check out our newest additions of Mint in Box Longaberger Pottery!

13 Piece Condiment Set! Just in time for cookouts and classy camping. This set includes serving dishes for Mustard, Ketchup, Relish, and Mayonnaise.

This lovely Tomato Red Soap or Lotion Dispenser.

These hard to find Top Hat Snowman Luncheon Plates!

This set of Salt and Pepper Shakers in Cornflower Blue.

And this adorable Multipurpose 1 Pint Crock, also in Cornflower.

Browse our other Longaberger offerings before they disappear!

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Golf DVD’s, Dilbert Putter Cover, Beer Stein, Playing Cards and Gary Patterson Towel

New Additions and some other GOLF related items!

Dilbert Putter Cover!

Merion Golf Club Course US Open PGA Tournament Hall Pottery #590 Beer Stein

Pre-owned Moe Norman Golf Swing Academy DVD’s at at least half the retail price.

Also, Check out this Gary Patterson Golf Towel “Frustration” by Sport Towels Etc


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Skylanders! We have them!

The Skylanders games and figures are probably one of the most ingenious marketing decisions ever! There are now 5 games with accompanying game figures. Collectors range in age, and eBay is fabulous place to buy and sell. For all you sellers looking to cash in on all those figures you will see this summer at flea markets and yard sales, Skylanders Character List  is one of the easiest sites to identify your characters. As usual, always search “solds” one eBay for current Values.

If you are a collector, check out the figures and other merchandise I have currently have available!

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Has Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu Killed the DVD Industry?

I walked into my local Goodwill today and saw a cart full of DVD and Blu-ray movies including entire Seasons and Series of popular TV shows. I actually got kind of excited! I proceeded to start scanning them to see if anything was valuable, but I was shocked to see shows such as 24, The Simpsons, and Family Guy selling for less online than the Goodwill was charging. I know that Goodwill has gotten a little wild with prices over the last couple years, but I was amazed at how saturated the market on Amazon and Ebay is with DVD’s. I then thought about how I had watched the entire 5 seasons of House on Netflix. The price on the SEALED house DVD set was originally 99.99. They sell for about $10 on Ebay right now. My joy soon turned to nostalgia as I remembered former technology made obsolete by technology. Who wants to store physical objects when they can have everything digital or “on the cloud”. Fortunately, there are still obscure sets that are not readily available online, fueling the collector culture. LUCKILY, I was able to find a few that still have some value. Here are my current collectible quality DVD’s for sale.