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Has Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu Killed the DVD Industry?

I walked into my local Goodwill today and saw a cart full of DVD and Blu-ray movies including entire Seasons and Series of popular TV shows. I actually got kind of excited! I proceeded to start scanning them to see if anything was valuable, but I was shocked to see shows such as 24, The Simpsons, and Family Guy selling for less online than the Goodwill was charging. I know that Goodwill has gotten a little wild with prices over the last couple years, but I was amazed at how saturated the market on Amazon and Ebay is with DVD’s. I then thought about how I had watched the entire 5 seasons of House on Netflix. The price on the SEALED house DVD set was originally 99.99. They sell for about $10 on Ebay right now. My joy soon turned to nostalgia as I remembered former technology made obsolete by technology. Who wants to store physical objects when they can have everything digital or “on the cloud”. Fortunately, there are still obscure sets that are not readily available online, fueling the collector culture. LUCKILY, I was able to find a few that still have some value. Here are my current collectible quality DVD’s for sale.

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