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Littlest Pet Shop Collecting: Online Sources For Identification

Identifying LPS Figures!

Most LPS are fairly easy to identify with the right tools.

One tool, is ebay! Use the Cat in the photo as an example. Go to ebay and search for “LPS cat green diamond eyes glitter”. The search results tells me this is #626. Typically, you want to put in the type of pet, (Cat, Dog, Mouse ect.) the body color, eye color, and any identifying shapes. Once you have a number, you can verify it at this Wikia.

Fan Blog sites are another useful tool for some of the less common pets like bees, fairies and more. Nicole’s LPS Blog is one such site. This particular site has a wealth of information sellers can use to market their pets and enhance descriptions. If you are a collector, you will love browsing her pages.

Other Fan sites with loads of information are Pet Shop Shoop and Collectimania.

Vintage LPS Collector is a community of LPS Fans and Collectors of the EARLY VINTAGE pets. Complete with forums and a Facebook page. You can also buy/sell/trade there.  Check them out!

If you have a favorite LPS site to add, please leave it in the comments!

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