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How Thomas the Tank Engine Built my Stay at Home Business

Both of my sons were addicted to Thomas the Tank Engine. If anyone walked into my house they were guaranteed to witness wooden track layouts all through the living room. Thomas on the VCR with the first and then DVD with the Second. My younger son went nowhere without a train in each hand. Before them, it was their uncles who were just as addicted as they were who handed many movies and die-cast vehicles down. The Thomas phenomenon has lasted decades, and will last for decades more. Why? Because some kids AND adults just LOVE trains!

I hear people ask, “What is the bread and butter of your ebay business?” For me? Toys! Including a non-stop inventory of wooden, Trackmaster/Tomy, and Die-cast toy trains. If I can get my hands on a lot of Thomas and Friends or other Brio Compatible sets, I can list with confidence that they will and DO sell.


Currently, my ebay store has 48 train related toys and books. I would have more, but they have been flying off the shelves!

For those considering a business? Work with what you know! My many years mothering Thomas fans has helped me know what to buy and sell.

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